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Original Vanilla
Our original recipe custard, discovered in Osaka, Japan and now made available around the world. Our Vanilla custard is made with all natural ingredients and is abundant with the highest quality, imported vanilla beans grains available.

Green Tea
Our original custard blended with Premium Japanese green tea; the subtle sweetness has become an Asian favorite.
Earl Grey Tea
The finest English Earl Grey tea combined with our original custard cream, enjoy the pleasant aroma which accompanies the taste. *

A mixture of fresh strawberry puree and our original custard cream; a fruitful adventure.

A rich chocolate custard cream made from a perfect blend of two high quality European chocolates.

A delightful bittersweet combination of our original custard and Nescafe 100% Colombian coffee; a popular flavor among our older customers. *
Our original custard combined with pumpkin puree to make our popular seasonal flavor. *

Made with fresh blueberry puree that compliments our original vanilla custard cream.
The natural sweetness of fresh ripe bananas with our original custard cream.

Mango Yogurt Choux
Our original custard blended with fresh mango puree; a fresh and summery flavour.
Black Sesame
Good old vanilla custard with specks of black sesame and sweetened with honey.

A blend of the light hazelnut paste with rich high quality dark chocolate makes this a decadent treat.

Even More Flavors:

Original vanilla cream puff covered with an excellent Belgian Callebaut dark chocolate top layer. Special flavor custard filling upon request.
Cookie Puff
Original vanilla cream puff covered with crunchy bits. Special flavor custard filling upon request. *
Dulce de Leche
As the “Sweetness from Milk” , Dulce de Leche has crunchy puff shell layered with caramel inside and filled with our famous vanilla custard. It is tempting, we know.
Mont- Blanc **
Mont-Blanc is an exquisite combination of French chestnut cream layered on Beard Papa´s own original vanilla custard. This delicious delight is available during the winter season only.

* Check locations for availability
** Nuts Allergy: Contain nuts.
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