About the Store

1. Who is Beard Papa?

Our mascot, Beard Papa is founder Yuji Hirota’s lasting image of his loving grandfather -- a “bearded, father-figure”. In Osaka, Japan, Yuji grew up with cream puffs or “choux cream” the same way Americans are raised on bagels and donuts. Thanks to Beard Papa's, we can enjoy their addictive baked goods worldwide!

Ok, but who really is Beard Papa?

2. How many Beard Papa stores are there and in what countries?

Currently, there are over 300 Beard Papa's locations. You can find Beard Papa's cream puffs throughout Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Tailand, the Philippines, Tahiti, Malaysia, Russia, Canada and the US.

About the products

1. How long can the cream puffs last?

Our cream puffs are best eaten fresh, immediately from the assembly line. If refrigerated, they can last 24 hours. The filling is a mixture of custard and whipped cream, and we do not use any preservatives. Therefore, our product is very delicate and perishable - Always store them in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

2. What ingredients are used in your cream puffs?

We use whole milk, heavy cream, evaporated milk, wheat flour, corn starch, granulated sugar, pasteurized eggs, margarine, unsalted butter, shortening, among other natural ingredients. For a full list of ingredients and nutritional information by product, click here.

3. Do they contain any nuts?

We do not use any nuts in our original vanilla cream puffs. However, we do introduce new flavors from time-to-time. For a full ingredients list and nutritional information by product, click here.

4. Where can I find nutrition information?

For a full ingredients list and nutritional information by product, click here.

5. Can you ship orders?

We currently do not ship our cream puffs. However some locations offer delivery services on a local basis, contact individual stores for details.

All Beard Papa stores are individually owned and operated.  Please contact local beard papa stores regarding the frequently asked questions below:

Do Beard Papa’s offer delivery or catering services?

What is the special flavor custard schedule for the week?

Who can I ask about fundraisers, sponsorships and donations?

How do I join the Beard Papa staff?

Job opportunities

Please contact local stores directly for job enquiries.
Planet Sweet Factory is a master franchise of Beard Papa's, a Muginoho Company.
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